L’arbre de famille des jeux Marios

Plombier spotted

Plombier spotted

La première fois qu'est apparu le petit plombier portugais, s'était en 1983. Depuis, on a eu droit à un paquet de jeux, dur d'ailleur de s'y retrouver.

C'est pourquoi un malin s'est amusé à créer une généalogie des jeux marios. Le résultat à la suite

Click to enlarge (mmhh)

Click to enlarge (mmhh)

Notre plombier en a fait des petits...

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7 thoughts on “L’arbre de famille des jeux Marios

  1. You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anemory?!

  2. I so understand your struggle. It’s been mine too. I’m lucky that my husband is as supportive as he is; not everyone in my life would be… and I don’t even think they necessarily should be. It’s a difficult balance but one that is worth the struggle to figure out, I think.

  3. Waaaaaaait a minute. Bathmatt and her mom ate/drank KERF’s placenta?! Doesn’t KERF have some kind of blood disease, I forget what, something like Strep or??? Isn’t this a complete biohazard????

  4. Yay! As much as I keep thinking “if only it would hold juust a little more” I have to remember: That was the point! For it not to! It’s neat that a vegan leather bag is good enough quality to wear the same way.

  5. Rather ironically, draping a national flag around your shoulders as if it were Mandrake The Magician’s cape is one thing that you should never do with the flag. It’s not all that far short, as an act of disrespect, to burning that flag.Although personally, I prefer the flag-burners. At least in their act of protest they’re giving some thought to what the flag actually represents. And, of course, the only correct way to dispose of an old and decrepit flag is to burn it…

  6. I love the unruly curly mop!!! Baby S doesn't like the hair tied too. But it has grown longer and comes down till her nose! Seriously thinking of doing her mottai next month!!

  7. c’est quoi le trip ci-dessus vers 16 h ?j’aime déconner, certes, c’te fois, c’est moéh kid’mande un décodeur (faut l’faire, hein !)

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