Team Results

Team Results is a plugin I developped for WordPress Blogs. It is currently translated in English, French, German and Dutch.

This plugin will display a widget in the frontpage of your blog.

Widget on the Front Page

Widget on the Front Page

It supported an unlimited amount of teams and results. There's a location management to describe if the match was played outside or at home (useful for sport team).

One can configure how many results to be displayed on the front page. To show all the result there is a link on the front page that opens a lightbox with a table containing all the results. There is also filters on that table to browse the results more efficiently.

The Lightbox displaying all the results

The Lightbox displaying all the results

It is also possible since version 1.2 to add a table with the results on a page or on a post. To do that, simply put [team_results] where you want to see the table of results on your page or post content.

The plugin add a new menu item on the administration page to manage the team, the results and the options of the plugin

Administration pages

Administration pages

For an example: visit

For more information or suggestions, send an email to You can download the tool freely by using the button below

Download Teamresults_v1.2

Help me continue my work!

If you like this plugin and want to see it continue to grow and get maintained, don't hesitate to make a little donation for support.


V1.2: 15 June 11

  • It is now possible to add a table with the results on a page or post using the snippet: [team_results]
  • Color for defeat and victory can be modified easily
  • German translation added (Thanks to Claus Artz)
  • Example text for widget number corrected
  • Widget title is now editable from the admin page
  • Graphical issue corrected on the widget
  • Correction of a bug related to the date on the add a result page

V1.1: 11 Nov. 10

  • Modification of the admin interface: all results are now editable via an edit button
  • Dutch translation added (Thanks to Ruben Janssen)

V1.0: 11 Sept. O9

  • First version

73 thoughts on “Team Results

  1. Good idea, 1 problem.
    When i press one game, the window opens behind the main window

  2. Ulf

    Mhhh, this must be a css problem. That’s an issue I will try to fix for the next version.

    If you find the solution on your side, contact me! But I’m pretty sure it is related to the css

  3. Thanks for the quick response.
    I’m looking for your fix
    It is a very useful plug-in for a sport page

  4. Ulf

    Thanks for your support. I did it for my handball club and think it may be useful for other people. My idea was to keep it quite simple.

    If you like it, you can give it a rate on

    Thanks !

  5. Good morning
    Have you found anything about the css problem

  6. Ulf


    In fact, I didn’t manage to reproduce your problem on my side. I received comment from other users of the plugin and they didn’t have the problem either.

    So I’m thinking that it is caused by your personal template of your blog. If it’s the case, there’s nothing I can do for you. Maybe you should investigate on your side.

    Please let me know if you find something

  7. Thank you,
    I will try to rebuild the template from the beginning

  8. You where right, it works now with a different theme.
    The problem exists with every theme that i make when i use Artisteer software.
    Is there an easy whey to change the colors inside the result table ?

  9. I can’t run this plugin! I’ve created teams, added results…
    On the widget: No results for the moment
    Why? Can you help me please?…

  10. Ulf

    @Dimitri: to change color inside the result table, you need to edit lightbox.php: line 48 and 51.

    I will try to facilitate that for the next version of team results.

    @GroG: Hi, sorry about this issue. Noone told me that he is having the same problem. On which database is your wordpress hosted?

  11. ok
    What about the text color for the close window option (it is almost invisible)
    What about the ability to move the result window, i’m asking for that because in ie ( the result window is outside of the screen. In firefox and chrome works ok
    What about a season option beyond game type and teams in the database.
    It is VERY CRITICAL after the sport season ends and a new one starts.
    You must add that option before we apply more data.
    Thank you again for doing that excellent work !!!

  12. first i wana thank you for that result plugin. i use it for my esport team. but i have a question. where can i make the words smaller or bigger? cause i want that all the infos exept date is on one line. just as one of your screens.

    on my blog the result is on more then one line. can you help me please?

  13. Ulf

    Hi, Thanks for your support, I’m working on a new version.

    If you want to reduce the score size : Team1 12 – 13 Team2, you should reduce the font-size parameter: line 435 on misc.php.

    If you want the type of game (duel,…) to be on the same line as the score:

    On team_results.php : remove « br / » line 96, 98, 104 and 106. It’s the br / that is before .$games[‘game_type’] that you must remove. Hope that’s help.

  14. I posted my problem here:

    I can’t create result in WP 2.9.1

  15. bryan

    Bonjour, je cherche la traduction de ce pluging en français, serait il possible de l’avoir?


  16. RN

    Hi, thank you for the widget. It is exactly what I needed. I have some problem with the display. It has made my footer out of place. Also the date font and spacing is quite large. How to I reduce the size. thanks again.

  17. Ulf


    For your footer issue, I won’t be able to help you as this is a theme issue.

    For the spacing after the date, edit \wp-content\plugins\team-results-widget-displaying-scores-for-teams\team_results.php

    Line 104 & 106 , remove the second
    . Make it looks like this :
    echo « [br/][h4] ». $date . »[/h4][li][a hr…

  18. Lionel

    désolé de reposer la question : comment faire pour tout mettre en FR ?

  19. Ulf


    Il te suffit de modifier le nom des fichiers de langues dans :

    Renomme le fichier TeamResults-fr_FR.po en TeamResults-en_EN.po et vire le fichier anglais d’origine, ça devrait traduire le plugin. Cette solution n’est pas très propre mais devrait marcher. Si ca ne marche pas, essaie de changer également le fichier .mo situé dans le même dossier.

  20. Lionel

    Désolé mais j’ai effectué les modifs proposées, mais sans succès. 🙁 Une idée ??

  21. SapinTremblant


    je trouve l’idée du plugin intéressante mais pour mon utilisation j’aimerais pouvoir présenter le match la semaine précédente. En fait que l’affichage soit : ‘samedi 28 aout – Equipe1 VS Equipe2’ et que le soir du match j’ajoute le score. Le score reste affiché jusqu’au lundi soir et hop le prochain match se présente et ainsi de suite.

    Ah oui, aussi, il serait cool de pouvoir entrer tous les matchs connus à l’avance et aussi charger les images des logos des équipes.

    Ce sont des idées pour faire avancer ton plugin. Penses tu qu’une adaptation soit envisageable ?

    Bonne continuation

  22. Ulf


    Merci pour cet ensemble de bonnes idées. J’ai déjà noté pas mal de choses à faire évoluer pour ce plugin. Je vais essayer de bosser sur une nouvelle version dès que j’aurais plus de temps à moi. J’avais sorti la première version étant étudiant, mais vu que je travaille maintenant j’ai un peu moins de dispo 😉

  23. Marlena


    I like this app a lot. I wonder if there’s a way to make it work for golf scores though? I would like to have a list of the top 10 golf scores in a tournament, with no « vs ». Any idea how this could work?

  24. Hey I just added your plug in but I can’t figure out how to program in the teams and stuff. Sorry, I’m really new to this whole website thing!

  25. Ulf


    Sorry for the late answer, I was busy those days.

    @Marlena: your modification is not feasible on that plugin right now. I will maybe add the possibility for the next release/

    @Erika: If you activated the plugin, you should have a new menu at the bottom called « Team Results ». There you must create team first and then add result to a specific team. Let me know if you’re having specific issues.

  26. Hi,
    Can the widget be used as a plugin so that it appears in a post?

  27. Ulf

    Hi Peter,

    For now the plugin don’t have that functionality but your idea is good. I will try to add it for the next release.

  28. Mika

    one problem after I upgraded an additional part of the game and after saving the day is wrong? what is wrong

  29. Ulf

    Hi Mika,

    Can you explain a bit more what you did? You saved a result, update something (like the score) and then you saved and the date went wrong is that correct?

  30. Mika

    Date shall not be able to change?

  31. Mika

    Mika :@Ulf Date shall not be able to change?

    Always change the date of 30/11/99

  32. The plugin has developed a problem. It has been working fine all year but now the date is refused and all new games are listed as being played on 01/01/70. How can I fix this?
    I have tried editing the date afterwards but it still reverts back to 01/01/70.

  33. Ulf

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback. It seems that there’s an issue with the date on that release. I will try to fix that as soon as possible to publish a new release.

  34. Heinz-Jürgen Deuster

    it is a pity that I can´t use the plugin team results for our homepage of my soccer club. No results can be saved, they are not listed down, only the very first team I could save, after trying again through erasing and uploading again it doesn´t work anymore. Is there any possibility to help?

  35. @Ulf
    OK great.


  36. Aigars

    hey! why isn’t it showing me colors when i check the full table?
    my page:

  37. Aigars


    I found that you have to delete all spaces after the date!
    when you click on the text box it goes somewhere in the middle, like there were a lot of spaces in between and as soon as i deleted them – everything worked fine!

  38. @Aigars – Thanks but I tried that and it didnt seem to make any difference :o(

  39. steph


    Merci pour ce plugin bien pratique. J’ai juste un souci, le titre du widget ne s’affiche pas, ni le texte « plus de résultat »

    faut-il ajouter qqch dans le code de la page team_results.php ?


  40. William Rendell


    I think that your pluggin Team Results is fantastic and is just whta we have been looking for, Thank you.

    We have just started converting a statick html site into a wordpress site for our rugby club. We are using WordPress 3.2, and it does not seem to work correctly 🙁 do you have any plans to update your great pluggin?

    Many thanks


  41. jean michel

    excellent plug-in dont je me servais pour l’équipe de hand de ma ville malheureusement il n’est pas compatible avec la version 3.2 de WP, quelle déception :o(

  42. jean michel

    Team Results semble être à l’abandon mais pour ceux qui veulent une alternative il y a qui est assez actif et complet.

  43. Ulf


    Le plugin n’est pas à l’abandon, c’est juste que faire des plugins gratuits ne me permet pas de gagner ma vie. Du coup je le met à jour quand j’ai du temps, la dernière maj datant de juin. Je n’ai pas encore testé WordPress 3.2. Si le plugin s’avère incompatible avec cette version, je vais essayer de rapidement faire une MAJ pour corriger ça.

  44. Ulf

    Après avoir fait quelques tests, le plugin m’a l’air compatible avec wordpress 3.2. Pourriez vous me détailler les problèmes que vous rencontrez? Merci

  45. jean michel

    Désolé pour la réponse tardive, ça me fait ce bug

  46. Ulf

    Je pense que le problème vient du thème que vous utilisez pour votre WordPress. Est ce que vous pourriez me dire s’il s’agit du thème WordPress par défaut? Sinon le mieux serait que vous me donniez l’url de votre site, je pourrais faire des tests

  47. Roeler

    How can I change the language of this plugin ? I’ve renamed the and TeamResults-nl_NL.po to and TeamResults-en_EN.po but this doesn’t work …

  48. Ulf

    Hi Roeler,

    Your WordPress language must be set to the right value on the wp-config.php file. If you want to use en_EN traduction file, you must set on wp-config.php:

    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en_EN’);

  49. Roeler

    Hi Ulf,

    My language in wp-config is defined like this : define (‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’);

    How come and TeamResults-nl_NL.po aren’t used as display language ?

  50. Ulf

    Hi Roeler,

    Sorry to say that but I never saw that situation before. It seems correctly configured. Try to remove the TeamResults EN file and check what happened. I mean the plugin needs to find the translation somewhere logically…

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